Dreams are made of this.

Great Barrier Island is a year round destination. With its subtropical climate, there are activities for every season.

Use XPOT as a base to...

* Blow out birthday candles under a starry sky

* Plan the perfect proposal or the ultimate fishing trip   

* Meet interesting islanders at one of the clubs

* Dig in your toes or your partner at a secluded beach 

* Have the ultimate honeymoon or wedding anniversary

* Learn to use the Southern Cross and the Pointer Stars

* Enjoy exhilarating walks on beaches and in the bush

* Paddle, boogie board or go rock fishing

* Try an ebike, a scooter and go kayakfishing 

* Check the waves for bio-luminescence or a surf

Make your stay an experience to remember

It's easy!

4WD location

The XSPOT is an awesome base for a Barrier holiday. It's well away from the hustle and bustle of Tryphena, Okupu and Medlands in the summer, but if you want to join the 'crowds' or enjoy some of the beaches, walks or other activities, it's only a 4WD away. Our drive way is steep. A 4WD vehicle is a necessity. Bring your own on the ferry or rent one on island, for both applies that early bookings are essential. Book at least three months in advance, a bit longer for the summer season. In the photo below, you can see the XSPOT apartment to the right in the photo.

Off the grid!

Great Barrier Island has no reticulated power. We proudly make our own. And when you snuggle up in front of the wood stove in winter, or use it to do some baking, its wetback will be heating your hot water; firewood is supplied. Most of the year, hot water is heated by solar panels on the roof. The apartment is fully insulated, stores solar heat passively in its concrete base, has double glazing and can be fully opened up to let the breeze in on those balmy summer days. It's super comfortable.


Our power is generated by the solar panels on our garage roof. It's then stored in our precious batteries, and once they are empty, we're in the dark. So while you are staying at XSPOT, being conservative with power is part of the fun. No hair dryers, rice cookers or electric toasters. And generally limiting power usage, limiting use of lights, etc., turning them off when you leave a room. A small price to pay to stay in paradise. :-)

Charging your devices is fine, and there is even a large, but energy efficient fridge freezer.

Creek water

At XSPOT, water comes from a spring at the top of the property. There is a special tap with filtered drinking water which is 99.9% safe. Only if you are pregnant or if your immunity is compromised we recommend you boil the water you drink.

We are very happy to show you our alternative systems. Just ask if you are interested.


Another issue on the Barrier is that the landfill is almost full. That's why we are trying hard to reduce our waste. We do this by giving all our food scraps/green waste to our chickens. They will recycle it for us and keep smelly stuff out of the waste bin. Paper/cardboard waste is burned in the fire if it's going or put in the recycle bin. Glas, cans, etc. go in this bin, too. We're happy to dispose of it for you in Schooner Bay on a Monday morning.


The XSPOT has with a well equipped kitchen, a large open plan lounge with a comfi couch and dinging table, a bedroom with a queen bed and an en-suite bathroom with shower and a walk in wardrobe. The lounge provides 270 degree sea views, and the bedroom also comes with a view.

  • Limited free wifi access (for e-mails, not movies as we have a data cap ;-)
  • DVD player and selection of DVDs
  • Tea & coffee, milk
  • Fridge/freezer combo
  • Gas stove/oven, wood stove/oven
  • Shared unheated swimming pool, for summer swims
  • All linen, incl. beach and hot pool towels
  • Laundry facilities on request
  • Business services on request

Are you wondering if we can provide something that's not on this list? Check with us to see if we can provide it.

Photo: Greg Ross